"“Yvonne is an inspirational teacher, she is so open in sharing her vast wisdom and knowledge of yoga. "


“Yvonne is an inspirational teacher, she is so open in sharing her vast wisdom and knowledge of yoga. Since starting to practice with Yvonne, my practice has deepened immensely and my passion for the asanas grows with every class. Her classes are both mentally stimulating and physically demanding in a way that makes me feel stronger on all levels”.


“Yvonne’s astanga yoga class is perfect for all levels because she allows you to work within the ability of your own body, going deeper into the postures as you progress. Her class is always challenging, enjoyable and fun. Yvonne’s class leads to your body becoming strong, flexible, toned and your mind calm and relaxed. I recommend her class to everyone.”



“Yoga is wonderful but Yoga with Yvonne is even better! She is gentle and approachable and helps me get the most from my practice with correction and encouragement.”


"I was a late recruit to yoga and took it up initially to build up my abs muscles following a lower back injury. I started in Westwood, Leopardstown with a teacher called Tom in 2001. When Yvonne took over Tom’s classes at the end of that year, I started to practice with her and I have been a regular at her classes in the Grain Store ever since. I get so much out of my yoga practice but if I were to sum it all up in a few words, I would say that it helps to give me “a happy, contented and peaceful mind” – to me, there is nothing more important to have in today’s stress prone Ireland!

Yoga has also helped me to maintain a good level of body flexibility and general physical fitness. It has made me more conscious of what I eat and has greatly helped me to maintain a constant weight. It has improved the quality of my breathing and the depth of sleep which I achieve every evening. I practice on and off with other yoga teachers but Yvonne is my “constant” and I have formed a yogi bond with her that I never want to lose.

Her classes are unique in terms of their content, dynamism, flow and power to totally relax the body, mind and soul. Her free spirit, positivity, gentleness and generosity makes her one of life’s greatest creatures. I am greatly privileged to be her oldest yogi.”